Marquis, Bessie L.,

Leadership roles and management functions in nursing : theory and application / Bessie L. Marquis, Carol J. Huston - Ninth edition - xxxiv, 734 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index

Decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning: requisites for successful leadership and management -- Classical views of leadership and management -- Twenty-first-century thinking about leadership and management -- Ethical issues -- Legal and legislative issues -- Patient, subordinate, workplace, and professional advocacy -- Organizational planning -- Planned change -- Time management -- Fiscal planning -- Career planning and development in nursing -- Organizational structure -- Organizational, political, and personal power -- Organizing patient care -- Employee recruitment, selection, placement, and indoctrination -- Socializing and educating staff in a learning organization -- Staffing needs and scheduling policies -- Creating a motivating climate -- Organizational, interpersonal, and group communication -- Delegation -- Effective conflict resolution and negotiation -- Collective bargaining, unionization, and employment laws -- Quality control -- Performance appraisal -- Problem employees : rule breakers, marginal employees, and the chemically or psychologically impaired

Taking an active learning approach, this Ninth Edition emphasizes the symbiotic elements of leadership and management. All professional nurses today face limited resources and emerging technologies, and this book prepares students through up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of leadership and management concepts, ranging from managing conflict and working collaboratively to organizing patient care and staffing. Benefitting students who often have limited opportunities to observe high-performing middle- and top-level managers in practice, a variety of real-world scenarios are featured throughout and provide opportunities for hands-on learning. -- Provided by publisher

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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