Villamor, Marivic A.

Accreditation of medical education: perspectives of stakeholders / Marivic A. Villamor & Alfaretta Luisa T. Reyes

Introduction This study aimed to describe the perspectives of stakeholders on the impact of the accreditation process on the implementation of the medical curriculum. Furthermore, the study attempted to explore the quality of the impact of accreditation on the implementation of the curriculum.

Methods Survey questionnaires were administered to 140 faculty staff, 100 students and 50 graduates. The questionnaires were developed based on the self-survey instrument of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) covering five areas observed by the respondents: curriculum and instruction, faculty, students, resources and research. Review of PAASCU reports from 2002 to 2013 and survey questionnaires were likewise conducted.

Results The faculty, students and graduates rated as "very good" the areas of curriculum, instruction, student profile, and student performance, except "application of appropriate teachinglearning strategies" which the students gave a "good" rating. The students rated the resource driven areas (library, learning environment, research capability, research output) higher than the faculty. The respondents' self-survey ratings were consistently higher than the PAASCU ratings across four

years evaluated.

Conclusion The respondents showed strong awareness of the benefits of accreditation on the faculty, students, curriculum and instruction. Resource-driven areas like research, library and learning environment and faculty benefits were deemed short of the expected excellent standard.