CAHP - "MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LAWS AND BIOETHICS" RSS feed for public list CAHP - "MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LAWS AND BIOETHICS" A handbook in bioethics / by Alora, Rosario Angeles Tan. Bioethics : by Babor, Eddie R. Bioethics and moral decisions / by Timbreza, Florentino T. Engaging bioethics : by Seay, Gary, Ethics for health professionals / by Stanford, Carla Caldwell, Ethics of health care : by Edge, Raymond S. Health care ethics : Health care ethics : a college textbook for nursing , medicine, and other health care related courses. Health ethics : by Ciabal, Laura Evelyn P. Medical ethics / Medical law, ethics, & bioethics for the health professions / by Lewis, Marcia A. Resolving ethical dilemmas : by Lo, Bernard. The ethics of health care / by Ashley, Benedict M. The medical technology profession and the Philippine laws on medical technology / by Moraleta, Nardito D.