CARES - PT 4: ELECTROTHERAPY RSS feed for public list CARES - PT 4: ELECTROTHERAPY Clayton's electrotherapy Clayton's electrotherapy : by Clayton, E. Bellis Clayton's electrotherapy and actinotherapy; including the physics of movement and hydrotherapy by Clayton, E. Bellis Clinical electromyography : by Oh, Shin J. Clinical electrophysiology : Clinical electrophysiology : Clinical electrotherapy / Clinical electrotherapy / by Currier, Dean P. Electrophysical agents in physiotheraphy : Electrotherapy : Electrotherapy explained : Electrotherapy explained : by Low, John Electrotherapy in rehabilitation / by Gersh, Meryl R. Krusen's handbook of physical medicine and rehabilitation / Physical agents : Physical agents : Physical agents in rehabilitation : Physical agents in rehabilitation : by Cameron, Michelle H. Physical agents in rehabilitation : Practical electromyography / Principles and practice of electrotherapy / by Kahn, Joseph Therapeutic electrophysical agents : by Bélanger, Alain, Therapeutic electrophysical agents : by Bélanger, Alain. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) : by Johnson, Mark I.