Date Day Time
All Services are Online Until Further Notice Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays CLOSED


The library offers the following direct library services to UERM students, faculty and employees.

  1. Reading / Study Areas / Discussion Room – Library clients are provided with big tables for collaborative study and individual study carrels and modular tables for quiet study. A discussion room is also provided for group discussion.
  1. Circulation Service or Library Resources Loan – The library has a vast number of books, periodicals, and other print and non-print materials that caters to the library clients' (Students, Faculty and Employees) information needs.
  1. Bookstand and Headset Loan – The library provides bookstands and headsets which can be loaned or borrowed for a day (strictly for room-use only).
  1. Photocopy, Printing & Binding – To augment the limited number of some library materials, photocopying service is available in the library from 8:00am-8:00pm, Monday-Saturday. (Outsource – Blessings Copy Center & Book Binding Services, Inc.)
  1. DDS (Document Delivery Service) – This service is utilized when requesting copies of journal articles, historical documents, or other documents that are housed in the library. This can be given within the day or with a maximum of three (3) days depending on the number and availability of requests.
  1. Referrals – Students, Faculty and Employees who need to consult other information centers may request a Referral Letter/s from the office of the Chief Librarian.
  1. Information Literacy – Is designed to introduce the library patron to the library services and resources (print, non-print, electronic or online). The orientation is being conducted by the Chief Librarian and/or the Assistant Chief Librarian and Librarian every semester of each school year. E-Resources orientation is being conducted in each department during departments’ conferences or as requested.
  1. Current Awareness – The library provides current awareness to library users by means of an AVP presentation presented on a television located at the entrance of the library. The library is consistently posting newly acquired books, journals, databases, video tutorials and announcements. Infotext and e-mail alert are also utilized in this service.
  1. Selective Dissemination of Information – The library informs the head of each department when new materials in their areas of specialization are acquired. On the other hand, the library informs the faculty members through the department heads about the new materials acquired that might be useful for their courses of study.
  1. E-library services – The library currently has 20 units of computers that are available to students, faculty, employee and alumni. Users are expected to use this service for academic or research purposes only.
  1. Interlibrary Loan –Interlibrary Loan borrowing is provided to any member of the institution (faculty, students and staff). If a user needs a book or journal article/s that is/are not available in the Medical Center Library collection, the library staff will facilitate the retrieval and borrowing of the materials from another library. This is usually done through a consortium.
  1. Ask-a-Librarian / Reference Service – Library users may ask the help of the librarian or any library staff personally, through a phone call or e-mail. Various reference queries can be answered efficiently through this service.

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