The Library commits itself to the following:

  • The provision of a strong and balanced collection relevant to the needs of clients in the health sciences within and outside the UERMMMC that is but locally and internationally recognized.
  • The continuous improvement of physical facilities and the use of appropriate technology relevant to present and emerging information needs.
  • The development and training of staff into full-fledge information professionals by providing an environment conducive to the practice of their profession and continuing education.
  • The creation and maintenance of programmes that will promote information literacy among the clients of the Library.
  • The provision of health information to the local community.
  • The pursuance of relevant information science research especially in the medical field.
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Library Hours
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
Monday to Saturday

Updated Rules for Reserve Books

To encourage the value of discipline and sharing of resources among our students, the policy for the reserve books has been updated. Starting April 11, 2019, the updated library fines for reserved books will take effect.

Reserve Book Fine :

Php 5.00 per hour if returned after the due date/time

Overnight Use Borrowing Time :

12:00 NN

Overnight Use Returning Time :

10:00 AM

The Office of the UERMMMCI Library and OnStrike Library Solutions Implement Koha

The UERMMMCI Library entered into a one year contract with OnStrike Library Solutions for the implementation of locally hosted Koha Integrated Library System. The contract included services from installation, migration, customization, design, training and 1 year support.

Clinical Key is now available
  is a comprehensive information resource which has a  vast collection of contents in Full-text

  • Over 900 E-Books (e.g. Atlas of Human Anatomy by Netter, Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics)
  • Over 500 E-Journals (e.g. Lancet, Am. J. of Med., J. of Pediatrics, Clin Neu and Neurosurg)
  • 50 Clinical Reviews (e.g.Surg. Clin. of N Am., Neurosurg Clin N Am, Cardiology Clin)
  • Over 13,000 videos and over 5 million images
  • 398 topics, 349 videos in Procedure Consult
  • 125,000 Clinical Trials

TO ACCESS: simply go to www.clinicalkey.com and begin exploring. For remote access approach the Librarian at the Internet Section for your pin code.